What would it take…

…to ask for forgiveness.
To bear my soul and truths to you.
To feel our conversations.
To share the pain and glory.
To give everything of myself up to you for that minute.
Because I want to.
To know that your mine..no matter what.
To understand you by a glimpse.
To hold and be held.
To feel the tingle of your touch.
To feel the soft breath of your kiss.
To feel the rage and passion.

What would it take for you to be mine?



Insider- How a LEGAL Medical Marijuana Warehouse Works

Good day readers.

Medical Marijuana becoming legal in some states has initiated a series of questions with the same concept, how?

Well I can tell you how.
I have personal experience in a 100% legal Marijuana Warehouse [Grow]

I will briefly outline the standards of the newish industry..and can answer any questions if you would like.

1. The “mother” aka “mom” plant.
Mother plants give the option to produce clones for repeated production.

The plant is cut at the branch tip where the cuttings are then prepared to be rooted.
This plant is always female and can be created from any age of the plant.
Clones [clippings] from the mom plant should be extracted when she is 2 months old to ensure quality and a steady incline of growth.

2. Health/Maintenance.
The health of your plants are vital.
They all must be labeled and carefully tracked.
You need to watch for bugs, mold/mildew and de-leafing.
Spider mites are travelers.
PM is a common type of mold found.

You need to find the perfect balance of lighting, water, soil/hydroponics, temperature all the way down to humidity.

She is a very delicate plant.
Maintenance requires each plant to be touched daily and harvest time varies depending on your strain, climate and set up.

3. Once harvested the plants must hang upside down to dry.
Once dry, the plants are then tracked, labeled, weighed and distributed amongst “trimmers.”

The trimmers then cut excess fan leaves and other non THC polluted parts of the plant. For example the base stems.
This makes the marijuana presentable and cures it at the same time, making it more enjoyable to smoke.

4. Once the trimming is complete, it is dispersed into 3 bins, ALL of which are weighed and accounted for.
The first bin or tray will have your perfected, clipped buds resting in it.
The second bin will be your non THC parts of the plant, [waste-but still must be subtracted from original weight.]
The third bin is your extra pieces or “shake” with THC from sculpting the bud.
This also includes buds too small to sell.
This tray is not at all waste and is recycled to create budder, or “hash” with extraction and careful techniques. What isn’t used for hash/budder gets distributed to the kitchen so edibles can be made from the condensed part of the shake.

5. Packaging now takes place.
The weed is carefully weighed into bags divided by strain.
Orders are made and and weighed out.
1 gram = 1.05g
1/8th = 3.55g
Ounce = 28.35g
Budder = 1.05g
Joints = >1.1g

There’s the basics 👌
Let me know if you have any questions .



Stoner morning

Same routine every morning. 🌞💤💤💤
I wake up, untangle myself from falling asleep with my headphones on and get up to smoke a cigarette 🚬.
I check my phone to see the conversations I didn’t have..unread texts. 📴
I cough like an old smoker lady in the morning despite my younger age. 👵
I load a lazy bowl of MMJ to start my morning as well..spending a good minute locating my lighter and weed. 💢⁉️ ……🔥
I take 3 vitamins to help my cough before walking downstairs to trip over 2 white, short legged terriers hungry for attention.
I realize I had forgotten my coat, cigarettes and pipe upstairs.⛄️
Having put my boots on already, I clunk back upstairs and grab my left behind must-have essentials.
I clunk quietly back downstairs trying not to wake my neighbor roommate.
I step out back, look for the sun and position my chair right in it.
I light my cigarette and usually forget to smoke my weed until that’s done.
I don’t understand why I keep smoking, I barely can choke down and cough up a half cigarette. But only in the mornings is it hard. 🚭❔❔❔🙍
While coughing (aka ab workout ☝️💪👌) I am on my barely outdated iPhone. It’s the original iPhone 4..no Siri.
Thanks to technology advancing and me not wanting a new phone every 6 months…my poor phone crashes on me about 3 times per app session.
I normally play the free version of Lumosity to try and help my blonde brain…but it’s hard to smoke and play a timed mind challenging/memory game. 💭👍😅
After my dear Lumosity I load my Sims Freeplay game which takes about 1 minute to start.
That is longer than you think 👿…I just pray it won’t crash and glitch upon loading.
It loads. I’m signed out of course, glitch. 📵
I give my phone a break and realize I haven’t smoked weed yet.
I smoke 2 or 3 hits and text my other non neighbor roommate/ex bf/best friend/potential enemy to see if he’s ready for coffee. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️
He has the Keurig in his master bathroom. Smart place I think. Don’t worry the toilet is closed off in a mini bathroom….away from coffee of course. 🚽🚪🚽🚪🚽🚪🚽🚪🔫 gun?

After all that we have coffee time and I smoke more weed.

That is my typical stoner morning yeah.